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Use the keyboard.

You can type something into the web browser address box or into a web page with the keyboard, but you have to do two things before you type.

Now you can type in the box. Then press the enter key to activate whatever you typed.
Note: Sometimes you must delete text that is already in the text box. You can do this with either the backspace key or the delete key. Try this by typing into the address location text box at the top of the screen. Now press the enter key to activate your text. After you see what happens click the "Back" arrow to return to this page.

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Find something on the internet.

There are four ways to find things on the Internet when you start at YourGuide.

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Share web pages with Email.

You can send an email message to someone at the same time you look at a web page. There are several ways to send email, but you must have your email program set up first. Your Internet service provider can help you set up your Email program.

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Use Bookmarks and Favorites.

Bookmarks and Favorites are collections of links that lead to web pages that you have saved. You can easily share these pages with someone at a later time. When you save, or add a web page as a bookmark or favorite, the address and title of the page are kept in a list so that you can find them again without searching the Web.
Add web page addresses to your Bookmark or Favorite list.

Look at your bookmarks or favorites and return to a web page address you saved. Go to top of page.
Put your bookmarks online so that you can access them from any online computer.

When you start collecting web pages in a favorites list, you will at some point want to look at your list from another computer (at a friend or relatives, school, library, cafe, or airport). A good way to share your favorite web pages with others and have them available for you to use, no matter where you are, is to copy them to an online bookmarks service. One such service is called and is found on the web here . Go to their web page and follow the instructions if you are interested in this service.

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Avoid mistakes.

The best way to stay away from unwanted situations on the internet is to know what you want to do and act deliberatly.

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Shop wisely.

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You will see advertising designed to trick you.

Advertising pays for much of the expense of many of the web pages you will see as your surf the web. Most of the ads are straightforward and invite you to learn more about the product by clicking on the ad. If you click on the ad, you browser software will leave the page you were looking at and show you a new web page that relates to the ad. This is usually harmless and only requires you to click the back arrow to return to the previous page. But, clicking on some ads can lead you down a tricky trail of web pages designed to trap the unsuspecting web surfer. If you do not want to be taken advantage of by slick advertising follow these simple guidelines.

Enjoy your web surfing experience from the links you find at YourGuide. The links you will find here are reviewed and only allow for friendly advertising (ads that will not "trick" you into clicking on them). If you see misleading ads at a website linked to YourGuide, please tell us by clicking on any Contact Us so we can change the link to a website that does not use dubious ads.

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Maintain your privacy.

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A few words of warning -

Exlporing the net is an adventure that can lead you to unexpected places. As you become familiar with the internet, you will begin to explore outside of the prescreened links of YourGuide. Once you leave the YourGuide family of web pages, you may see anything imaginable and some things that are unimaginable to you. Most web pages you experience are acceptable to the general public, but some are adult oriented, and a few others display unacceptable and immoral subjects. If you are searching outside of YourGuide, be prepared to click the "Back" button or close your browser window if you don't like what you see. If you have a difficult time having a pleasant surfing session because of objectionable material you find, consider using web page screening software (the blue "software" word is a link you can click on) that rejects unacceptable pages before you see them.
Remember , once you leave the YourGuide family of web pages, you will be viewing the open world wide web and may encounter unacceptable material for family viewing.

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